Vladimir Residents Are More Often Complaining About Collectors and Cyber-Fraudsters

Statistics of appeals published by the regional branch of the Central Bank

In the Vladimir region the number of complaints about the actions of banks continues to decline. Over the year, their number dropped by a third to 785 complaints. The number of complaints about consumer loans and mortgages decreased several times.

One of the reasons for reduction of dissatisfaction at registration of credits became a valid rule about return of services imposed “under the asterisk” within two weeks from the moment of registration of the credit. During this time, the borrower has the right to demand a refund for additional services.

Growth of appeals from the Vladimir citizens in the Central Bank recorded three areas: the actions of insurance companies (75% of them in obtaining a policy of compulsory car insurance), the microfinance institutions and telephone fraud. In the case of quick loans citizens often complain about the methods of collectors, in particular the fact that the latter make threatening phone calls to relatives of borrowers.

Over the year the number of calls about telephone frauds increased by 350%, and their total number rose to 75. Note that the official statistics of the Prosecutor’s Office reports that last year the number of registered cases of virtual fraud decreased, and its disclosure even slightly increased to 14%.

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