The Regional Health Department Has Finally Launched a Service for Discount Drugs. The Number of Overdue Prescriptions Has Decreased Tenfold

In the Vladimir region, healthcare managers managed to reduce by more than 10 times the number of discounted drugs on deferred care. According to the press service of the regional administration, this happened thanks to special measures and the personal participation of the region’s acting head, Alexander Avdeev.

Earlier, the Acting Governor instructed to transfer all state medical institutions to a single digital platform (IGISZ) by June 2022, which allows you to track the receipt of discounted medication to everyone in need. Currently, 60 institutions have joined the platform, and from October 2021 to March 2022, the number of overdue prescriptions decreased from 4,747 to 465.

Let us remind that at the end of February 2021, the former director of the Department of Health Elena Utemova, speaking to members of the regional parliament, said that the company Rostelecom had not fulfilled the terms of the contract with the structure of the Regional Health Ministry for the supply of software that allows to track the needs and availability of medicines in pharmacies. “Rostelecom did not deliver the software “by either January 1, February 1, or March 1,” said Elena Utemova.
Rostelecom responded by saying that the MIAC staff was incompetent, putting forward demands to the system of privileged support, “not specified in the terms of reference on the basis of a subjective understanding of the system’s performance”.

Currently Rostelecom, under a state contract with the MIAC, is implementing a project of a digital circuit of the health care system, including an ambulance routing system, information support of FAPs through secure communication channels, electronic registrar and drug supply monitoring system. The terms of the contract were repeatedly extended. Critical failures occurred during implementation of the system, which made it impossible to use the services. In 2022 the regional healthcare authorities began to charge Rostelecom with the fines stipulated by the contract.

At the beginning of 2022, the heads of the regional health department, as well as the acting deputy governor Konstantin Baranov, asked to wait for the implementation of the e-registration service through “Gosuslugi”. According to ProVladimir, initially officials expected to launch the service in the first half of January, but now that date has been moved to April 1.

Officially, regional administration officials have never commented on the difficulties in implementing the digital health circuit since February 2021. When asked by ProVladimir, Artem Osipov, acting head of the Health Department, said that Yulia Arsenina, head of the MIAC, who previously supervised the obstetrics system, has the necessary technical skills to implement complex data-engineering systems.

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