In Vladimir, Relatives of a Deceased Woman Recovered Half a Million Rubles From an Oncologic Dispensary for Misdiagnosis and Wrong Treatment

The court concluded that the patient would have died anyway, but could have lived longer

The Oktyabrsky Court in Vladimir has recovered 250 thousand rubles each in moral damages in favor of two relatives of a deceased patient from the Regional Cancer Center, according to the court’s website. The plaintiffs claimed that medical care for their relative was poor and that the cancer was not detected in time.

Additionally, the plaintiffs proved the patient was misdiagnosed and this, along with defects in medical care, resulted in severe disability for the victim. The woman subsequently died from the undetected condition. The judge in the decision indicated that the risk of death from the disease was high in any case, but treatment defects committed by employees of the dispensary led to complications and exacerbated the severity of the disease.

It is reported that the side of the medical organization attempted to challenge the court’s decision, but the appeal instance upheld it. The decision came into legal force.

According to the “If You’re Exact” project, in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic and a sharp decrease in the volume of medical examinations, the Vladimir region was among the regions where the detectability of certain types of cancer diseases worsened significantly. For example, in the case of tracheal, bronchial and lung cancer, 43.5% of Vladimir patients were diagnosed at the fourth stage in 2020. For these diseases, almost 100% of patients with metastases die within a year.

The low detection rate of early-stage cancers has led to a high mortality rate. If on average in Russia in 2020 200 people per 100 thousand inhabitants died of cancer, in our region it was 250. Vladimir region was in the top ten of the least prosperous regions.

In April 2022 the regional public health service reported an improvement in cancer detection statistics in the region. According to the department, this year 54% of malignant tumors are found at an early stage. With such detection of tumors, the prognosis for the patient in most cases is favorable, and treatment does not require a lot of money.

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