A Monument to the Last Russian Tsar Nicholas II Unveiled in Front of the Church in Vladimir

Money for the monument to the Orthodox Russian emperor had been collected since November of last year.

A monument to Nicholas II was unveiled in Vladimir on the eve of Russia Day. The sculpture of the last Russian emperor was installed on the territory of the Holy Trinity Church on Museinaya Street. Flags of Russia and the Russian Empire were placed next to it.

In the Church of the Holy Trinity on Muzernaya Street, Nicholas II is treated with special reverence. Several years ago, a banner with the image of the royal family and the inscription “Forgive us, Tsar” appeared on the adjoining territory. On his background and put a monument.

As we informed earlier, the initiative on installation of monument proceeded from the prior of the Holy Trinity church father Eugenie, and also the Vladimir sculptor Ilya Shanin. The latter worked on the monument. The collection of donations was announced in November 2021.

Apparently, access to the monument is possible only during services. At other times the gates to the temple are closed. At the same time, Vladimir citizens still come to see the bronze Nicholas II and take pictures of him through the bars of the fence.

When the collection of donations for the monument was announced, its installation was opposed by the local branch of the Communist Party. The Communists declared that they were “categorically against perpetuating the memory of ‘Nicholas the Bloody,'” since he organized the mass shooting of unarmed workers in St. Petersburg and dragged Russia into two unnecessary wars.

It is known that Nicholas II came to Vladimir only once, on May 16, 1913, during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov. Read more about the visit here.

In September 2021 a monument to Nicholas II was also unveiled in the village of Sanino, Petushinsky district, Vladimir region.

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