Large Families From Lunevo Are Suing the Vladimir Administration

Citizens demand gas, road and water by mid-2023

In the Oktyabrsky district court of Vladimir began to consider five claims from families with many children from the neighborhood Lunevo. Their interests are protected by the city prosecutor’s office. The demands are the same – to bring communications to the plots within a year.

All five first lawsuits considered the judge Anna Veselova. At the first meetings, Vladimir Slonov, the prosecutor’s assistant, acted on behalf of the plaintiffs.

The representative of the defendant was Anton Bakharev, an employee of the Department of Architecture and Construction. All the families received plots in 2016. Immediately they registered their ownership, made a project of the house, received permission to build it. But they were never able to start construction.

“To start construction, you need at least basic things: light and water. To turn on machinery, to knead mortar. There’s a forest around the plots. A dirt road, covered with coarse rubble, a lane and a half wide, leads to them. No sidewalk. Cars cannot go in two directions. After each trip – to mow the grass or remove snow from the area – I take the car to the car service, to repair the suspension,” said the head of a large family, Roman Gubanov.

Large families are surprised: According to the papers to their areas is not paved, but quite well-maintained road with two lanes and walking paths. But everything, that is written and specified in the contracts, differs from the real state of affairs. For the whole year electricians can not put the pole near the houses and connect electricity, although the contract with the additional agreement has been signed for a long time.

“We have families in our neighborhood who have installed lights and built a house. They heat all the rooms with electric appliances. But there are no discounts on tariffs within the city, the costs are exorbitant. One family provides itself with heat through bottled gas. Okay would be a dacha, for cooking, but for heating – it is also very expensive. We need gas”, – said the spouses Roman and Marina Gubanovs.

This year the City Administration has twice offered contracts for gas supply networks construction worth about 30 million rubles. Works have to be done by November 2022, assured in court the representative of administration Anton Bakharev. But at the hearing, Judge Anna Veselova reasonably remarked that the contract had never been signed because no bidder had applied. However, a little later the mayor’s office has achieved coordination in the commission for the conclusion of the contract with the unique supplier. Open Company “Vladimir professional systems” should begin work. On the road also only the project is carried out. In fact there is no confirmation of intentions to build transport and engineering infrastructure.

“There are explanations of the Constitutional Court that municipalities must build engineering and transport infrastructure where possible. The program is carried out on the terms of co-financing. 75% is paid by the regional budget, 25% by the city. Therefore, we also propose to involve the Department of Architecture and Construction of the region at the next meeting”, – said Anton Bakharev.

Large families complain that there are also problems with social infrastructure. The nearest kindergarten and school is 12 kilometers away. And in Yurievets and Polyanka, where plots of land are also allocated to large families, all the objects are or will be in the foreseeable future. There are no deadlines and prospects with Lunevo. Families are asking for replacement plots, but the mayor’s office explains that this is not stipulated by law.

The next court session will take place on July 20. Their position will have to be voiced by the Department of Architecture and Construction of the Vladimir region.

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