Vladimir Regional Election Commission Explained the Way the Gubernatorial Elections Will Be Held

Voting for the head of the region will last three days

The Vladimir Oblast Election Commission told us how the campaign for the 2022 gubernatorial election will be conducted. Earlier, the Legislative Assembly passed a resolution to schedule early elections for September 11.

The election campaign started on June 11 – when the regional parliament’s document was published in the printed edition. At the moment, candidates are being nominated by political parties, and it will end on July 12 at 18:00.

Within the next five days the candidates must submit all necessary documents to the regional election commission. The registration itself will end on August 5.
The regional election commission has decided that the elections will be held on three days. People will be able to vote on September 9, 10 or 11.

At the last meeting of the regional election commission members approved the list and forms of documents to be submitted by candidates for early elections. They also set the schedule for accepting them; the procedure for opening, maintaining and closing of special electoral accounts for the formation of candidates’ election funds; determined the number of signatures that must be collected to support the nomination of a candidate for the governor’s office.

The list of documents related to the election campaign can be found on the official site of the commission in the section “The Unified Voting Day on September 11, 2022”.

Recall that the election of governor of the Vladimir region should have been held only in September 2023. But the former head of the region Vladimir Sipyagin resigned prematurely from his post and moved to work in the State Duma in September 2021.

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