Vladimir Service for Consumer Rights Protection Banned a Hookah Delivery Group in Social Networks via Court

Hookah retail sales are only allowed in stores

Oktyabrsky District Court of Vladimir upheld the claim of the regional department of Consumer Rights Protection Agency to recognize the information, published in one of the communities in “VKontakte” social network, banned for dissemination in Russia. As explained in the supervisory authority, the group offered hookahs with home delivery.

Sale of alcohol and tobacco by remote means in the Russian Federation is prohibited. The same refers to hookahs and nicotine-containing products – their retail sale is possible only in stores and pavilions.

The Department of Rospotrebnadzor (Consumer Rights Protection Agency) for Vladimir region previously received an appeal about the group in social networks. Information about the remote hookah trade was confirmed during online monitoring. Further, an administrative claim was drawn up, which was satisfied by the court.

The supervisory authority said that the community in “VKontakte”, which offered remote purchase of hookahs with home delivery, was included in the register of sites that distribute prohibited information in the Russian Federation.

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