The Ruskino Movie Theater in Vladimir Closes at the End of September

The same fate awaits the children's cafe and restaurant

One of the two working cinemas in Vladimir, RusKino, is closing down. In its current form it has existed since 2010. Not only the two halls, but also the restaurant “Farfallina” and the children’s cafe with a game “Anderson” will stop working.

“Due to the extremely difficult situation in the film industry, the shutdown of major film companies in Russia (Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney) we are forced to suspend the work of the cinema for an indefinite period of time. We very much hope that the situation will improve very soon and we will be able to resume our work. RusKino Cinema invites you to enjoy our films until September 30, 2022. We love and appreciate every guest and look forward to seeing you in our halls. Come enjoy the atmosphere of cinema with us in your favorite movie theater!” – This message was published by the management of the movie theater the night before in their social networks.

Since February the cinema shows mostly Russian films and foreign cartoons – like other similar establishments in Russia. It also bought premieres released by studios that did not impose sanctions. For example, the people of Vladimir were able to watch a sequel to the melodrama “After” and a foreign version of “Irony of Fate”.

This year the box office on the first floor and discount cards no longer work in “RusKino”. Tickets are sold in the bar on the second floor. There is also a new photo area.

“We have a lifelong relationship with RusKino. Our two children went to master classes and to the “Little Country” children’s complex all their childhood. We remember children’s cafe was there, a lot of people celebrated their birthdays there. How many holidays RusKino hosted. We used to watch all Marvel premieres only here. We always had free 3D glasses and the quality was top-notch. We always went in large groups. And here – all of them. We’re shocked,” said a resident of Vladimir.

The cinema complex started having problems back in the pandemic, as did many service businesses. “RusKino complied with Rospotrebnadzor’s instructions on seating, masking and sanitation, which limited the number of viewers. Discounts on tickets were introduced for certain categories of visitors and on certain days. This summer we “popped up” at the expense of groups of schoolchildren from day camps. For the fall it was planned to rent movie theaters and concerts, but in the end the leadership still decided to close.

Recall that last year on the site “Avito” there was an ad for the sale of half of the building “RusKino” for 200 million rubles. The owner was ready to sell 2.4 thousand square meters – not a particular part of the building, but just to take a co-owner. In May 2022 there was a proposal to purchase with a new price – 120 million.

Cinema “Rus” is known to Vladimir citizens since Soviet times. In the 2000s, the building began to break down, but the budget money for his repairs was not. The authorities started to speak about a transfer of the cinema to private ownership. In 2005, the city council of Vladimir decided to expand the leisure functions of the cinema. The name was changed to “RusKino” and the cinema was turned into a cultural, entertainment, and sports center. 

Then the mayor’s office held an investment competition. Requirements to the participant were the following: the amount of investment of not less than $ 2.5 million, the period of investment – until September 1, 2008. The initial rent – 1.5 million rubles a year. In 2010, the cinema complex worked at full capacity.

In Vladimir will remain a single cinema – “Kinomax-Burevestnik”, which is part of a federal network. All four screens are working. In the summer, the Kinoteka project was launched with screenings of films by outgoing studios through rented halls. The screenings were not crowded. Now, when you go to the “Kinoteka” site, Vladimir no longer appears in the list of cities.

In May it was reported that in Russia since the beginning of 2022, more than a third of cinemas have closed due to a serious drop in financial performance. The repertoire of cinemas has become noticeably poorer, which could not but affect the size of the audience.

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