The Need for Nurses Increased in the Vladimir Region

The wages offered to these workers in the region-33 are lower than the Russian average

According to the job website, only in April 2022 the demand for medical and pharmaceutical workers in the Vladimir region increased by 17%. In terms of growth in demand, this vacancy was in first place. It is followed by vacancies for civil servants, housekeepers, and security guards.

The Vladimir region accounts for 12% of all vacancies in the CFD, excluding the capital region. In terms of this indicator, we are in second place, missing out the Voronezh region. Since the beginning of the year, 270 job offers for nurses have been published in the 33rd region through the vacancy service. Most often they are invited to Vladimir and Alexandrov.

There are 1.3 resumes per nurse vacancy. On average, for other professions this indicator is 5-6 resumes. Such a state of affairs can be called a deficit. However, so far it is not much reflected in the growth of remuneration for such in-demand workers.

The average level of salaries offered for such specialists amounts to 30 thousand rubles, while in Russia it is 35 thousand. Workers are looking for both public and private clinics, and beauty salons and fitness centers.

Earlier ProVladimir reported, the demand for which specialists in the Vladimir region has fallen since February. In terms of the number of vacancies, such areas as insurance, automotive business, marketing, advertising, training, investment and banking have fallen.

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