In 2021, the Vladimir Air Ambulance Evacuated 94 Patients

The specialized service flew 130 sorties

In 2021 the aviation medical team of the Vladimir region evacuated 94 people by helicopter, including five children. The specialized service flew a total of 130 sorties. The White House specified that among those evacuated were patients with strokes, heart attacks, severe injuries and other life-threatening conditions. The patients were taken to the Vladimir Regional Clinical Hospital and federal clinics in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

Recall that in 2021, the work of air ambulance flights could be resumed only since June. The relevant contract was signed with JSC Russian Helicopter Systems, which provided services to the region in 2020. Finding a carrier that provides such services is a difficult task not only for the Vladimir region. The authorities went to auction three times before reaching an agreement with RVS.

Things are better in 2022 – the first flight has already taken place, on January 11 the brigade left for Yuryev Polsky. Now the air medical flights are provided by the JSC National Air Ambulance Service. At least 77 sorties are planned for this year.

At present there are two helicopter landing sites in Vladimir for the needs of air ambulance – on the territory of the Regional Clinical Hospital and the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

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