Officials Explained Why Vladimir Is Poorly Cleaned of Snow

Cars and old equipment got in the way

On January 18, Ruslan Yusupov, director of the “Center for Urban Roads Management,” at the Life Support Committee of the City Council, named the main causes of poor quality cleaning of Vladimir from snow drifts:

“I ran out of sand and salt mixture. We need to buy urgently. There is also an urgent need to extend the lease agreement for dump trucks to promptly remove snow. Loaders are needed. M-12 contractors have been helping us out here, thanks to them. Today the main problem is the parked vehicles, then – the worn-out fleet. All the equipment was bought in 2011 – 2013. We urgently need about 25 million rubles to continue the snow removal campaign: for mix, for spare parts, for rent of dump trucks.

According to Mikhail Povarov, deputy head of the Department of Housing and Public Utilities, in December and January we had triple the norm of precipitation. Municipal Housing and Public Utilities Department was assisted by all other municipal services, where the equipment was listed. There were 96 units of snow removal equipment in the park, but only about 60 go on the line. 12 combined road vehicles are rotten sand spreaders, do not lend themselves to repair shovel loaders.

In the Center for road maintenance admits that not only the lack of equipment, but also the lack of employees. Fifty-two workers are needed.

“It turns out that today there is significantly less snow removal equipment in the CUGD fleet than is needed. We need to hire outside businesses. We get so much negativity from residents … The city has a problem. Fines will be coming in droves for the CCHD. We need to take local action. The Department of Housing and Utilities should talk to commercial entities, ask for help. Prepare a proposal to the City Council to allocate additional funds”, – said Dmitry Chizhov, chairman of the Committee on Life Support of the City Council.

The Center for urban roads’ management says that traffic police do not want to work with parked vehicles – it is difficult to find the owners, and not all roads can be evacuated cars. Although, according to the rules, if the vehicles interfere with the cleaning, they can be moved to other parts of the road. But no one does. The situation with abandoned trucks is especially aggravated. On Lybedskaya highway, Suzdal avenue, Komissarov and Dobroselskaya streets there are heavy trucks. Huge snowdrifts have formed around them. The roadway is narrowed to the limit.

“We hear so many complaints from our residents … We also see how the intra-block roads are cleaned. All the bumps fall on us. What is the algorithm of action proposed by the Department of Housing and Public Utilities? There are problems with transportation, as it is: wheeled coffins. So still they cannot drive uphill because of poor cleaning”, – deputy Evgeny Stanchev was indignant.

Deputies decided to create a working group on the problem of snow removal in the city. They will assess what is lacking and how much money is required to adjust the process of cleaning roads and sidewalks from snow.

Let’s add that this problem is urgent not only for Vladimir, but also for the whole region. In January 2022 more than 390 violations were suppressed in the region-33, 298 introductions were made, 273 cases on administrative offenses because of poor quality snow and ice removal were brought.

In Sudogodski district a motor grader driver died at his workplace. The 63-year-old man worked at the local road repair and construction department.

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