Vladimir Accounts Chamber Revealed Inefficient Spending of Funds Allocated to Help the Poor

In the first nine months of 2021, 2,810 social contracts were signed

The Accounts Chamber of the Vladimir region checked the effectiveness of the use of funds that were allocated for the provision of state aid on the basis of a social contract. This is a kind of “straw” for citizens to get out of a difficult situation. That is, the state gives money to the poor, and the recipient is trained and later gets a job or runs a subsistence farm, repairs housing. Also, the allocation of funds for the purchase of basic necessities is provided.
The audit was conducted for the period from 2016 to September 2021. During this time, 3,804 social contracts were concluded, the amount of state aid amounted to 348.8 million rubles.

The Accounts Chamber said that these support measures are in demand among the recipients. In the first nine months of 2021, 2,810 social contracts were concluded, which is 23 times higher than in 2016. The volume of state social assistance during this period reached 285.9 million rubles, which is 41 times higher than the amount of support measures provided in 2016.
Of the 43 households of social assistance recipients inspected, 90.7% of families were able to overcome a difficult living situation and provided conditions for the future.

“At the same time, cases of non-compliance with the principles of targeting and neediness of recipients when providing state social assistance on the basis of a social contract were revealed. This is due to the absence in the federal and regional legislation of enshrined additional criteria of citizens’ need, taking into account, among other things, the property owned by applicants and their family members”, – according to the website of the Accounts Chamber.

Interdepartmental commissions were created in municipalities to conclude contracts. In some cases, its members took a formal approach to assessing the neediness of applicants. As a result, 776.4 thousand rubles were spent ineffectively.

“The facts of granting state social assistance on the basis of a social contract to applicants whose property status does not indicate their neediness and the presence of a difficult life situation were revealed. In a number of cases the state social assistance provided actually acts as a measure of business support, rather than contributing to overcoming the difficult living situation of a poor family”, – said the auditors.

The Accounts Chamber also concluded that the allocated 37.3 million rubles in 2021 for the purchase of basic necessities in the long term had no impact on the living standards of the recipients. Payments were only a one-time financial assistance to low-income families and single citizens, they did not stimulate citizens to active action to overcome difficult situations.

Auditors believe that the most effective direction of state assistance under the social contract is employment of citizens who found themselves in difficult life situations. This direction is in demand. However, in some cases applicants are employed only for three months, i.e. for the period of provision of payments. This is followed by dismissal.

The information with results of audit of Audit Chamber was sent to the director of department of social protection of the population of the Vladimir region and submitted to directors of the inspected state public institutions of social protection. The information on the separate facts of infringements is sent to police. The results of the control measures will also be received by the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev and the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Kiselev.

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