With the Beginning of the Pandemic, Vladimir Pensioners Were Diagnosed With Respiratory Diseases One and a Half Times More Often

Such an anomaly is not observed in Moscow

According to the results of 2020, the number of respiratory diseases diagnosed among pensioners in the Vladimir region jumped by half, from 104 to 151 thousand cases, with the total number of pensioners being 391 thousand people. This follows from Rosstat data, presented in a convenient form by the “To Be Precise” project.

No such surges of incidence were observed in previous years, which allows us to attribute the anomaly of 2020 to a coronavirus pandemic and assume that the number of pensioners actually infected is much higher than the number of officially registered cases.

Note that such anomalies are characteristic of many, but not all, regions of Russia. In Moscow, for example, no such surge in the incidence of respiratory diseases among pensioners is observed.

If we analyze the number of pensioners by age groups, the number of people older than 55 years decreased the most in 2020 (by 3.5 thousand people). In the age group over 60 years old (and older groups) there was no decrease in the number of population in 2020.

Both for the general population and for pensioners, because of the heavy burden on health care, the volume of medical examinations decreased significantly in 2020. While in 2019 every third retiree underwent a preventive examination, in 2020 only 17.3%. In the future, this may lead to late diagnosis of diseases, and together with the delayed consequences of coronavirus – a decrease in life expectancy.

Previously, ProVladimir reported that in 2020 and 2021, excess mortality in the Vladimir region was estimated at 8200 people. This figure reflects the number of deaths in coronavirus years, which turned out to be higher than the annual average of previous years.

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