Graduation Party for Schoolchildren in Vladimir

Three of the city's best schools were named at a gala event

On May 18 in Vladimir the last bell rang for 1,643 eleventh-graders. For the first time in the last two years the holiday was held in person. Previously, due to anti-vision restrictions, public events were organized online.

Around 11:00, schoolchildren began arriving at Teatralnaya Square. Public transport was especially allocated for them, which drove them to the center from different parts of the city. A total of 69 classes are graduating from school this year.

An entertainment program was arranged for them on the square. Someone participated in a master class, someone was photographed in an improvised studio, and someone listened to the city performers. However, the graduates themselves performed – on the stage near the Drama Theater. Almost yesterday’s schoolchildren sang, danced and showed acrobatic numbers.

The only thing that did not work on Theater Square was the fountain. Due to the cool weather it was turned off. In previous years, eleventh graders enjoyed running between the jets of water – it had already become a tradition.

At 13:00 graduates were built in columns: they went from the Theater square to Sobornaya square. Police officers, onlookers and parents watched their procession all the way. Perhaps some of them were remembering their Graduation party at that moment.

The graduates were met on Sobornaya Square by the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev and Mayor of Vladimir Andrei Shokhin.

The head of the region congratulated the graduates and reminded them that the last bell only happens once in a lifetime. For him, it sounded 30 years ago.

“I’ll let you in on a secret: now the last bell will sound, but the study is not over for you. And you have lots and lots of studying to do. You will get not one or two educations, and many not even three, but much more, and from this your life will be very interesting. I sincerely wish you that,” Alexander Avdeev emphasized.

Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev

The Acting Governor wished all those who will go to study in other cities to return “to your beloved and beautiful Vladimir.

Mayor Andrei Shokhin said during his speech that when the graduates walked in columns, the sun looked out – it should accompany them through life.

“I know you have already begun to say nice and kind words to your teachers. They really put their whole soul into you and each student is a piece of the teacher’s soul. Don’t be afraid to say more kind words to them, they will appreciate it,” said Andrei Shokhin.

Andrei Shokhin

After speeches of regional and city leaders the results of the competition among the city educational institutions were summed up. The first place was taken by IAU “Industrial and Commercial Lyceum”, the second place was given to school № 7, and the third was the school № 41. The winners were awarded commemorative steles and certificates for 500 thousand rubles.

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