The Central Bank Revealed the Frequent Methods of Cyberfraud

Telephone frauds account for one-third of all crimes in the region

According to statistics, the level of cybercrime in the Vladimir region has increased 16-fold over the past six years.

As of March 2022, every third recorded crime was related to telephone fraud. The perpetrator does not personally contact the victim, but uses anonymous electronic tools to withdraw stolen funds, making it extremely difficult to trace. The growth of crimes is promoted both by their difficult solvability and information illiteracy of the victims. The regional department of the Central Bank told about the most common types of fraud.

Offer to check account data for leakage

Scammers offer a bank customer to check whether his card details are in the hands of third parties. A person is forwarded a link to a site where they should enter card data “to check”. After filling out the form card data really turns out to be “in the hands of third parties”.

The Bank of Russia clarifies that there are no official sites for checking “leaks of bank data” – all such resources are questionable or fraudulent.

Report about the lack of cash rubles and foreign currency

Scammers report a shortage of cash and offer to transfer money from your card or bank account to a certain account, from which a “person can later withdraw money without any hindrance”. After transferring the money, the scammer freely withdraws funds from the victim.

Offer to transfer money to a “special account of the Central Bank”

The attackers convince the victim that their account is being hacked, and in order to keep the money safe, they need to transfer it to a safe account of the Central Bank. The Bank of Russia clarifies that the organization does not work with private clients, does not keep accounts and does not make any transactions with them. The word “Central Bank” in a conversation with an unknown person will automatically mean that you get a call from fraudsters.

Credit request

The fraudster tells the victim that they try to apply for a credit on the account of the supposed victim. In doing so, the scammers may present themselves as bank security officers or police officers.

“In order to prevent its illegal registration, they offer to secretly open a “counter” loan for the same amount, as a secret operation to calculate the crook from among the bank employees is carried out. This complex scheme of deception is also found in the Vladimir region, so residents of the region need to be vigilant and know that such a way of drawing up a loan can only offer fraudsters”, – reported in the press service of the regional office of the Central Bank.

Scammers try to play on people’s fear for the safety of funds, appearing as people of power and authority. Attackers often say that funds should be transferred immediately. Such behavior of malefactors is aimed at preventing a person from rationally analyzing the situation:

“Attackers try to take a person out of a calm state and disable his or her logical thinking. To do this, they intimidate, rush and pressure or, on the contrary, intrigue by a sudden benefit. Knowledge about how to resist fraudsters will help people in the right moment to make the right decision”, – said Alexander Khlystalov, deputy head of the regional branch of the Bank of Russia.

If a person became a victim of fraudsters, it is necessary to immediately block the bank card, write a statement of disagreement with the operation within a day after receiving a message about the theft of funds and apply to the police with a statement about the theft of money.

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