Vladimir Camps “Olimp” and “Beryozka” Close for Refugees and Open for Children

Displaced from the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics found rooms in hotels

Two temporary accommodation centers for refugees from the LNR and DNR are closing in the Vladimir Region.

The out-of-town recreation camps Olimp in Sobinsky District and Beryozka in Kovrovsky District are preparing for the start of the summer recreation campaign. All the displaced people will find another place to stay. But recently, on May 13, Olimp informed its parents that it wouldn’t be able to take their children in 2022.

In the administration of the Vladimir region decided to open all out-of-town camps that are possible to provide the maximum number of children with a full summer vacation. Parental demand is much higher than proposals of municipalities, so all sites will be involved. All the more so, as all the anti-covid restrictions on the number of vacationers have been removed.

“The head of the region has set a task to move the citizens of the LNR and DNR to other temporary accommodation sites. Now the city of Kovrov has relocated everyone who was in the Beryozka camp. The camp is already preparing to open. It has received a conclusion from Rospotrebnadzor. A small number of refugees live in the “Olympus” camp. It will also start its work, but a little later. We need to make all the necessary arrangements. The first shift will take place, but it will start not in the first week, but a little later”, – told Svetlana Boltunova, director of the Department of Education of the region during the briefing on May 18.

There were about 40 refugees living in the Berezka camp in Kovrov, and about 100 in the Olimp camp in Sobin. All citizens were found a place in the hotels, which also serve as temporary accommodation facilities.

Also the issue of providing benefits for refugees to rest in out-of-town camps in the region-33 is being discussed now. Today all working parents living in the Vladimir region pay up to 20% of the cost of a voucher. For example, in Vladimir a voucher to “Druzhba” and “Ikar” costs 24 thousand rubles for 21 days, and officially employed parents pay only 4.8 thousand. The rest is added by the budget. Thus, parents are partially refunded taxes paid during the year. On the ground now looking for additional funding for children from Donbass. Previously, parents from the DNR and LNR have already been given benefits for attending kindergartens and meals at schools.

A total of 27 out-of-town camps will open in the region. In them, there will also be a cashback. That is, from the parental share will return another 50%. For example, the citizens of Vladimir will get 2.4 thousand rubles back after their child’s vacation.

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