Seven Criminal Cases of Corruption Were Opened in Vladimir In Six Months

The results of work for six months were presented in the supervisory authority

In six months in the regional center, prosecutors have stopped 300 violations of anti-corruption laws. According to the results of inspections in seven cases criminal cases were opened under articles on corruption, the press service of the regional department reported.
One of the episodes in the department told about the day before.

The criminal case under article “abuse of power” was initiated against the officials of Vladimir’s administration because of the story of the so-called “house-utug” at the intersection of Gorky and Mira streets. The city prosecutor’s office conducted a check on the order of the regional leadership.

Also on July 14 it became known about criminal case against regional bailiffs who were responsible for demolition of shopping center “Cube” on Tchaikovsky Street in Vladimir. According to the court decision, the unauthorized structure had to be dismantled back in 2015, but it was never done.

According to statistics, the largest number of violations in Vladimir in the first half of 2022 relate to housing and labor, as well as health care. In 144 cases supervisory body warned about inadmissibility of violation of law, in 364 cases – brought to administrative responsibility, in 733 – to disciplinary responsibility. In another 24 cases, materials of inspections were taken to criminal cases. In 335 cases, unlawful legal acts came to the attention of the department in the city of Vladimir.

Representatives of Vladimir’s prosecutor’s office were quite active in correcting the decisions of other law enforcement agencies. In six months alone, prosecutors overturned decisions not to institute criminal proceedings in 2,481 cases and decisions to suspend investigations in 1,503 cases. In 116 cases, the prosecutor’s office brought law enforcement officials to disciplinary responsibility in connection with the violations found.

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