The Level of Wages, the Anniversary of Suzdal and the Incidence of Alcoholism. What Talked Putin and Avdeev

The president wished the governor success

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Acting Governor of the Vladimir Region Alexander Avdeev via video link. The transcript of the conversation was published on the Kremlin website on August 17.
It is reported that the president noted the stable situation in the region and good basic indicators. However, there are some issues that need to be paid special attention to.

Avdeev told Vladimir Putin about the recent visit to the Vladimir region of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the plans to organize another economic zone. He explained that we are talking about “a little depressed areas in the area near Moscow,” and there are about 10 residents who are ready to locate production of air conditioning equipment and electronic equipment there.

“Thanks to Mikhail Vladimirovich, he appreciated the idea, with the residents looked at it with his own eyes and supported the idea. We hope that we will create at least five thousand new jobs in that zone. This is very important, because we, unfortunately, cannot boast that our salary level is high. Indeed, against the background of our neighbors, unfortunately, in 2021 it is 38 thousand rubles, not so high, “- said the Acting Governor.

Alexander Avdeev touched upon construction of M-12 freeway, which will partially pass through the Vladimir region. The highway will contribute to placement of new production forces and help to reveal even more tourist potential of the region.

The head of the region told about the victory of Suzdal and Murom in the contest for Rostourism support and reminded that Suzdal was preparing for the 1000 anniversary. Avdeev invited the President to visit the ancient city in 2024.
Speaking about the problems, the Acting Governor mentioned healthcare, public transport, communal infrastructure, emergency housing and cheated shareholders. He added that “the issues will be solved continuously and without delay”, including with federal support.

Commenting on what he heard, Putin said that his colleagues at the federal level will help to work through the tasks that relate to the construction of the northern bypass of Vladimir, repair of the regional Drama Theater building and the Torpedo stadium, as well as the purchase of buses and trolleybuses.

“A spoon of tar” during the conversation were regional indicators of incidence of diseases diagnosed as “alcoholism” and “alcoholic psychosis” (122,6 cases per 100 thousand citizens according to 2021 data). This exceeds the average Russian figures by 2.6 times. Vladimir Putin stressed that bans and price increases on alcohol are not an effective solution. Instead, it is necessary to deploy the promotion of a healthy lifestyle:

“We need to deal with this simply, not to give it up, not to think that this is some secondary thing: men drink and will continue to drink. No, it’s not that primitive and simple, you just have to deal with it. Among all the measures – I won’t say anything new, nothing unusual, but nevertheless – the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is very important.

In addition, the president advised to develop infrastructure for sports, physical education and culture – “in the most direct and broad sense of the word. And it is imperative to solve the issues of health care.
At the end of the online meeting, Putin asked Avdeev not to wait for appeals from the region to reach the various instances, but to contact directly the relevant ministries and departments for early resolution of issues.

“I would like to wish you all the best. Good luck,” the President added, ending the conversation.

It should be noted that Vladimir Putin spoke with Alexander Avdeev via video link on the day of his appointment to the post of Acting Governor of the Vladimir region – October 4, 2021. Back then, the president wished the new head of the region good luck. Now the conversation was held in anticipation of the gubernatorial elections, which will be held on September 9, 10 and 11, 2022.

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