Works by an artist from Murom were shortlisted for the Bologna Book Fair

Drawings by Murom artist Valeria Sidorova were among the works shortlisted for the Bologna Book Fair. This is the leading professional fair for children’s books in the world. Together with Valeria, 318 illustrators made it to the final of the contest.

Valeria Sidorova, photo from her personal VK profile

“I was one of the finalists with a series of works about athletes. I created it for my portfolio. I wanted to make a reference to my athletic background – I did rhythmic gymnastics for 12 years. I am also touched by the grandmas and grandpas who come to improve their health. You could say it’s a sublimation of what I’ve seen in my athletic past, albeit in such an illustrative, childlike way. Maybe I would like to develop the idea into a book, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet,” Valeria Sidorova told ProVladimir.

Valeria was born and raised in Murom, where she took her first private lessons in painting, drawing and the basics of composition. Her first teacher was a local artist Alexey Koryagov.

“Before him, I was “self-taught,” did not go to a classical art school, which I think just played a big role. It helped me not to put myself into frames, but I always remember about the basics,” – noted the artist.

After finishing school in Murom, Sidorova went to Ivanovo Textile Academy (now Ivanovo State Pedagogical University) to study at the department of costume design. By her first education the girl is a fashion designer and costume designer.

“After university I went on a free swim and found myself in illustration. I always liked drawing more, coming up with a plot and characters”, – shared Valeria.

The artist’s activities are not limited to books. Over the past year she managed to work on the project “SberObrazovanie”, drew an educational cartoon and created a calendar for Keenetic. Her first book is called “Look, I’m Flying!” Now Valeria lives in Murom, works and develops in the field of illustration, draws for private customers.

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