Another 313 Refugees From Ukraine Came to the Vladimir Region

This is already the fifth group of internally displaced persons who have arrived in the region

On April 19, the fifth group of refugees from the DNR and LNR arrived in the Vladimir region. A total of 313 people, including 138 women, 116 men, and 59 children. On the platform of the railway station people were met by Acting Vice-Governor Dmitry Lyzlov, volunteers, rescuers, and medics.

Internally displaced people were taken to temporary accommodation centres (TACs) in Vladimir, Gus-Khrustalny, Vyazniki, Gorokhovets, Kirzhach, Kovrov, Suzdal, Gus-Khrustalny, Kameshkovsky, Kovrovsky, Suzdalsky and Yuryev-Polsky districts. All arrivals will be briefly quarantined in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, after which the children will be placed in educational institutions, and adults will be helped to find jobs. Earlier it was reported that refugees could be employed as sales clerks, medics, drivers, teachers and cooks.

According to Dmitry Lyzlov, each TAC in the region needs targeted humanitarian aid. The regional administration does not specify how many refugees are currently in the Vladimir region. However, previously there were over 1.7 thousand of them, so we can assume that their number exceeded two thousand people.

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