In Vladimir, a Court Blocked Ten Websites That Reported Losses of the Russian Army

The judge explained why the data on the dead are forbidden

The Leninskiy court of the city of Vladimir considered the administrative claims of the regional military prosecutor concerning the information about the special military operation in Ukraine. The court ruled that the information is indeed prohibited, according to the joint press service of the region’s courts in the telegram channel. Apparently, such a decision signifies an imminent blocking of the sites.

Earlier, the prosecutor’s office demanded to limit access to the information as a measure of preliminary protection. It was a question of instantaneous blocking of resources. Banned information was understood to be personal data of Russian servicemen, whose deaths were connected with the special operation:

“During the monitoring of the Internet, websites containing information disclosing losses of personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during a special military operation, names, profile data of the dead, as well as their personal data were revealed,” the united press service of the courts reported.

The press service also cites the wording used by the judge to explain the threat posed by the information about the fallen Russian soldiers:

“The information posted on the identified websites is used to create a threat to the life and health of citizens, a massive disruption of public order and public safety, or a threat to interfere with the functioning or disruption of life support, transport or social infrastructure facilities.”

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