Over the Year the Number of Commercial Organizations in the Vladimir Region Decreased by 4%

One in ten catering establishments has closed

According to information from Vladimirstat, the number of organizations in the Vladimir region decreased by 4.2% over the year, amounting to 25,773 companies by the beginning of July. The most significant decline was in wholesale and retail trade (by 7.8%), as well as in hotels and catering (by 8.6%). A slight increase showed organizations in the field of public administration and military security, as well as in information technology. Since the beginning of the year the number of IT-enterprises in the region grew by 3.8% and now amounts to 635 pieces.

The general demography of companies in 2022 is characterized by a decrease both in the rate of new business opening and in the rate of closing of enterprises. Thus, in the first six months of the region created 468 new organizations and liquidated 744 (which is 34% less than the same indicator in 2021).

The sphere of private entrepreneurship demonstrates a positive dynamics: in six months 2,347 people announced the liquidation of individual entrepreneurs (which is 49% less than a year earlier). At the same time there were 3229 newly created individual entrepreneurs.

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