An Outbreak of African Swine Fever Registered in the Alexandrovsky District

Wild boars were the source of the disease

Three outbreaks of African swine fever were registered in the Vladimir region. These occurred on the territory of Aleksandrovsky district. The deaths were found in a private subsidiary farm in the village of Kopylikha. Also the corpses of boars were found near the village of Myakishevo.

A decree of the Acting Governor imposed quarantine for ASF in these areas. The White House approved an action plan to prevent the spread of the disease and eradicate the epizootic outbreak in the area.

According to Rosselkhoznadzor, the cause of ASF is contact with wild animals, including wild boars – there are many of them now. The density is 0.25 boars per thousand hectares. At the same time, the State Hunting Inspectorate does not issue permits for hunters to hunt these animals.

The largest accumulations of wild boars are registered in Vyazniki, Gorokhovetsky, Gus-Khrustalny, Kameshkovsky, Kovrovsky, Muromsky, Petushinsky, Selivanovsky and Yuryev-Polsky districts.

“However, with the onset of the warm season, the number of people visiting forest areas to collect mushrooms and berries increases significantly. At the same time, as a rule, people from small settlements and villages who own private subsidiary plots, including pigs, are engaged in gathering, which increases the risk of entry and outbreak of ASF,” – warned the department.

African swine fever is a contagious septic disease of pigs and wild boars and poses no threat to human health and life. However, ASF causes significant damage to livestock farming.

Recall that regional authorities are going to resume industrial production of pork. In the Alexandrovsky district they expect to launch a large pork complex with an investment of 3.7 billion rubles. In 2017, pork production here was practically destroyed – because of the African swine fever at Mortadelle and the financial problems that arose after that.

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