In a Year the Popularity of Hotels in the Vladimir Region Before the May Holidays Has Increased by 25%

The cost of living has increased by more than one and a half times

In the Vladimir region there is an increased demand for room reservations before the May holidays, according to the data of the aggregator “Travel Line”. In comparison with last year the popularity of local hotels has increased by 25%.

The average cost of a night in a 3-star hotel in our region during this period amounted to 7340 rubles, having increased for the year by 61%. This figure coincides with the all-Russian. According to the cost of living in hotels our region is one of the three leaders of the list of 20 regions with enough data for statistics. It can be assumed that the main holiday rush came to the city-museum of Suzdal.

Foreign policy and sanctions have seriously redrawn the tourist flow of Russians, significantly limiting the citizens to rest abroad. But there have also been serious changes in the choice of holiday destinations within the country.

Thus, the number of hotel reservations in the Krasnodar region on May holidays has decreased by 20% in comparison with 2021, in the Crimea – by 56%. And here the number of holidaymakers in Tatarstan was 61% more. The most significant influx of tourists is expected in Perm region, where the number of reservations has increased by 2,5 times (although the region itself takes less than 2% of the domestic tourist flow).

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