Four Party Candidates in the Gubernatorial Election in the Vladimir Region Are Named

Will there be a fifth one?

Last weekend, conferences of four regional branches of political parties were held in the Vladimir region. The occasion was the forthcoming gubernatorial election. The CPRF, LDPR and Just Russia – Patriots for Truth nominated their candidates on June 18. “United Russia held its party event one day later, on the 19th.

The LDPR was represented at the regional conference by Senator Alexander Proniushkin and former Lieutenant-Governor and current Duma deputy Vladimir Sipiagin. According to the Liberal Democrats’ press service, delegates voted unanimously to nominate Sergei Kornishov, leader of the LDPR’s regional branch, as a candidate for governor.

“Becoming governor is not an end in itself. The most important thing is to do as much as possible for my native region. I am surrounded by a friendly and hard-working team of fellow party members. You can move mountains with such a team! – stated Sergey Kornishov.

At the moment the candidate is one of the deputy chairmen of the regional Legislative Assembly.

“Just Russia – patriots – for the truth” (SR) also made a bet on the deputy of the regional parliament. The SR nominated Sergei Biryukov as a candidate for the election. In the party organization he is the secretary of the bureau of the regional branch, and in the Legislative Assembly he chairs the committee on social policy and health care.

The CPRF has followed a similar path. On the list of gubernatorial candidates, Anton Sidorko, first secretary of the regional branch and deputy chair of the Duma, was selected as a gubernatorial candidate. And while the telegram feeds of the other two parties only published dry information about the party activities, the CPRF received a great deal of attention. Rumors were circulating that the conference was allegedly manipulated and forged.

Sidorko responded to these outbursts in his telegram channel:

“About the fraud, deception and manipulation at yesterday’s CPRF conference. There are norms prescribed in the federal legislation. Any issue, be it the election of the counting commission or putting a candidate on the ballot, is introduced and voted on by a majority of the conference delegates. No matter how dictatorial Sidorko may be, he can’t do it on his own due to the law. If you have any questions, ask the chairman of IKVO Vadim Minaev, he was our guest and recorded everything on camera.

“United Russia also named its candidate at the XXXII regional conference. Earlier in the party voting were three people: Dmitry Rozhkov, deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly, Alexei Rusakovsky, general director of VEMZ group of companies, deputy of the regional parliament, and Alexander Avdeev, the acting governor. Avdeev was the last candidate for governor of the region in September. No one doubted it, and the party procedures were a formality. Avdeev was not sent to the region to make someone else a candidate. In the remaining days before the election, the Acting Governor hopes for the support of his party members, supporters and residents of the region:

“I emphasize that it is not only the support of members and supporters of the United Russia party that matters to me, but also the support of all the residents of the region, regardless of party and political preferences. And that is why the main reference point remains the issue of your trust”, – reported in the telegram channel “Avdeev. About the important”.

Let us remind you that gubernatorial elections in Vladimir region are scheduled for the period from 9 to 11 September. At the moment there is a nomination of candidates by political parties, which will end on July 12 at 18:00. From July 17 to 27, the candidates should submit all the necessary documents for registration to the regional election commission. The registration will end on August 5.

Before they can register, candidates will have to gain the support of regional and municipal deputies. A maximum of five nominees will be able to overcome this filter, but under certain conditions.

“Let’s face it, only United Russia has a real chance to pass the filter. The CPRF has the number, but lacks geography, but this is potentially solvable. The other parties don’t have that. What do the upcoming elections turn into from the spoiler candidates? The administration will give the municipal filter to the one who will get in, and the one who is unwanted will not get the filter,” says Anton Sidorko.

At a recent press conference, acting governor Alexander Avdeev announced that he would not “block” anyone.

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