Rental Housing Is Assumed to Begin in Vladimir

Vitaly Mutko and Alexander Avdeev discussed construction and engineering infrastructure

Alexander Avdeev met in Moscow with Vitaly Mutko, General Director of JSC “DOM.RF”. The Acting Governor and the head of the state corporation discussed joint projects to ensure the affordability of housing, as well as the development of the housing sector in the Vladimir region.

Particular attention is paid to the construction of rental housing in the region. It is necessary for attracting new qualified personnel to the enterprises of the region, including those from other regions. Previously introduced property tax exemption will help launch the pilot project.

“Cooperation with “DOM.RF” is very beneficial for the regions. It is a large development institution which has many tools allowing developers to reduce costs for the implementation of their projects and enable a more efficient use of funds. The company can provide low interest rates for loans, provide a long term loan and attract a professional team that can help regions launch large-scale projects for the complex development of territories”, said Alexander Avdeev.

The authorities also want to use DOM.RF bonds to modernize the Kolchuginsky district heat and power complex. The project is to be approved in August. The renewed utilities infrastructure will enable the construction of over 355 thousand square meters of housing. The project will be implemented by the Vladimirteplogaz company. The loan will amount to more than 2.7 billion rubles. The modernization is planned to be completed in 2024.

Avdeev and Mutko considered the issue of development of unused federal lands managed by “DOM.RF”. In the Vladimir region 141,3 hectares with the urban development potential of more than 770 thousand square meters has already been involved in turnover. By 2030 more than one million square meters of housing is planned to be commissioned on such plots.

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