In 2021, Vladimir’s Courts Dismissed 29% Of All Criminal Cases

Only 19 people out of 6,913 accused were directly acquitted

Almost a third of all criminal cases referred to the region’s courts were terminated during consideration, said Sergei Shishkin, chairman of the Vladimir regional court at the annual board. A total of 6,913 such cases were considered last year. In 63 cases judges were forced to send materials back to the prosecutor’s office for revision, in 19 cases (or 0.3%) defendants were acquitted, in 1% of cases defendants were sentenced to compulsory treatment, in 29% – cases were dismissed (including those with court fines), and in 70% – defendants were sentenced to the status of convicted.

Last year, district courts tried 13 criminal cases with the participation of jurors. Six of them have been finished by now. Seven suspects have become defendants. The court clarified that the jury rendered verdicts of guilty in four of them and acquittal in three cases. The prosecutor’s office appealed the verdict of the jury, resulting in the reversal of two of the three acquittals. Thus, the state prosecutor in two cases compensated for his lack of conviction during the trials in the district courts.

Presidium meeting on summarizing the work of the courts of general jurisdiction for the year 2021. Photo – Press Service of the Vladimir Regional Court

Among the 6,913 criminal cases received by the Vladimir courts last year, 38% are crimes against property, 26% – against public safety and order, 22% – against the person. The number of criminal cases in the region increased by 3% compared with 2020.

More than half of all those convicted in criminal cases in the Vladimir region in 2021 received a sentence of real or suspended imprisonment, the chairman of the regional court told the board:

“Last year, 28% of the number of convicts received punishment in the form of imprisonment, 26% – deprivation of liberty conditionally, fine – 16%, 13% of the number of convicts were assigned compulsory works. It was noted that courts very rarely use forced labor as a punishment. Criminal cases with a court fine were terminated after they came to court with respect to 130 persons”.

Earlier, statistics on committed crimes were presented by Vladimirstat with reference to the regional police. As it turned out, after more than a decade of sharp decline in the number of murders and especially serious crimes against persons, in 2020 and 2021 suddenly began to increase. Last year there was a 20 percent increase in homicides and death threats in the region. A significant increase in the number of reported crimes was also noted in the articles on fraud and extortion.

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