63% Of Respondents in the Vladimir Region Want to Pay For Heat Only During the Heating Period

Majority Against the сorrectional Receipts

In the Vladimir region a survey was conducted among residents on the method of payment for heating. 63% voted in favor of paying by the fact, only during the heating period. Most do not want to see the 13th payment.

The results of the poll are published on the portal of the regional department of regulation of prices and tariffs. 18% of respondents are ready for equal payment during the calendar year. 9% are ready to agree with the decision of the majority of apartment owners of the house.

The fact is that the general meeting of homeowners has the right to choose the method of payment for heating: either to pay 1/7, or 1/12. 9% of respondents in the buildings are not installed meters, so all pay by the norm. 1% found it difficult to answer.

The results of the survey are not surprising. Such an opinion is quite understandable. After all, many residents are still paying in installments of the 13th payment, which they received this spring after adjusting the resource consumption by EnergosbyT Plus. The sums were solid – from nine to 16 thousand rubles in addition to the monthly payments.

Some time ago, the recalculation for heat came in a separate payment, which was called “the 13th receipt. It caused a sharp negative reaction from residents. Therefore, resource providers smoothly transferred it to the general receipt and began to call it an adjustment.

In spring extra payments came to the residents of 1.5 thousand apartment buildings throughout the region. The total amount of extra payments was 315 million rubles. Many were outraged. At the regional level, they repeatedly stressed the need to transfer all homes to the actual consumption of resources. After all, most pay for water, gas and light according to meters. As much as you have burned, so much you have paid.

Next week, residents will begin to receive receipts for utility services with increased rates. Since July 1, the cost of all types of public services has increased: gas, water, heat, electricity, sewerage and garbage disposal. And the issue with the actual payment of the consumed services will again be relevant.

“On average the regional increase will not exceed 3.4% and will consist of the following amounts by branches: gas supply – 5.2%, cold water supply – 5.1%, electricity supply – 5.0%; hot water supply – 3.7%, sewage – 2.8%, heating – 2.8%, solid waste management – 1.2%. The maximum increase of 5.4% will be 5,283 people in the region”, – explain in the department of regulation of prices and tariffs.

Although the increase is not as significant as for food and household chemicals, it is still perceived painfully. This is why there is always a peak of appeals for housing subsidies after the cost of utility bills change. It is for those who pay more than 22% of their income for utilities. An additional type of support can be applied for through multifunctional service centers.

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