Vladimir Is Preparing to Receive Refugees From Donbas

Andrei Shokhin has not yet named places to accommodate people

On February 22, at a meeting of the city council, deputies and officials discussed Vladimir’s ability to receive residents of the DNR and LNR. Preparations are in full swing.

On Tuesday, Andrei Shokhin, the head of the city, gave his annual report. He said nothing about putting Vladimir on high alert. Alexei Metelkin, chairman of the Committee on Education and Social Policy, asked a question about the admission of migrants from Donbass:

“Against the background of the intensified situation on the border of Ukraine and the Russian Federation there is an outflow of residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics. According to some reports, the number of arrivals may reach 700 thousand people. It has become known from a number of media outlets that the Vladimir Region is ready to receive residents of Donbass and provide them with all possible assistance. Is the regional center ready to participate in this work?”

Federal news portals report that more than 60,000 people have arrived in Russia from Donbass in three days. Forty-three Russian regions have declared their readiness to accept refugees.

“This issue is personally under the control of Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev. Every day he holds meetings on the subject of accepting residents. Alexander Alexandrovich also gave us an order to see where we can place [the refugees]. The governor monitors the train schedule hourly. Of course, Vladimir will take part in the accommodation of residents. We have experience. I think that the deputies will help as much as they can,” said Andrei Shokhin.

Rostov and Voronezh regions were the first to accommodate the displaced people. Sports complexes, country camps and health resorts are opening their doors. In the regional capital there are camps “Druzhba” and “Ikar”, ice complex “Vladimir”. There is plenty of room for beds, there are canteens. And although our municipal camps are not designed to operate in the winter, they have heaters.

President Vladimir Putin ordered to pay 10 thousand rubles to each settler. As soon as the first refugees arrive in the city, the social services will also be involved in receiving them and transferring the money.

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