Police searches were conducted in the Vladimir Regional Health Department

An official is suspected of negligence in organizing the issuance of subsidized drugs

On the morning of March 22, the regional Investigative Committee conducted searches in the building of the Vladimir Region Health Department. The press service of the prosecutor’s office confirmed this information and informed about the charges brought against the deputy head of the department, Alexander Zhestkov.

According to the oversight body, he is accused of negligence (Article 293 part 1 of the Criminal Code). The case is under the special supervision of the regional prosecutor Vladislav Malkin.

“A. Zhestkov is accused of acting as director of the Department of Health for failing to organize efficiently use of budget funds for purchase of essential medicines, medical devices and specialized products subject to prescriptions for citizens with benefits, failing to organize proper and timely consideration of reports of medical committees, formation of consolidated demand for drugs which resulted in their untimely purchase,” says the official comment.

The department also noted that due to the negligent actions of the official a negative opinion about the authorities and their inability to realize the legitimate rights and interests of socially vulnerable categories of citizens was formed in the region.

Regional Investigative Committee also provided information about the detention, explaining that the deputy head of the regional health authorities refused to testify, citing Article 51 of the Constitution. According to the investigation, due to improper performance of his official duties from March to September 2021, Zhestkov failed to organize the procurement of important medicines and the work of medical commissions. As a result, at least 800 protocols of the commissions were not considered in time, 77 residents of the region did not receive the medications they were entitled to on time.

In addition to searches, the Investigative Committee also conducts other operational and investigative activities. The agency is likely to report on their results later. Earlier, the regional health authorities reported a significant reduction in the number of delayed prescriptions for drugs.

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