What Goods Have Gone up Most in Price Over the Year in the Vladimir Region?

Two-thirds of the annual growth comes from the last five months

According to Vladimirstat, prices for consumer goods and services in the region increased by 12.76% compared to December 2021. This figure does not reflect fluctuations in the cost of individual items on store shelves. Prices for individual goods have soared twice over the year, and one and a half times since the end of February.

Prices of laundry soap, rice, salt, cookies, tea, buckwheat and sugar went up by more than 30%. Foreign cars were also among the leaders in the rise in prices. A year ago, the average price of a car was Br1.2 million, but now – Br1.76 million. This type of individual transport has gone up in price by 45% for the year.

Flour, milk, chicken and lamb, pasta and cottage cheese are among the products, which have gone up in price least of all since February. The price of these products has gone up by less than 10% over the past five months. Earlier, the State Duma said it was ready to authorize the government to regulate the prices of certain categories of products.

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