Construction Workers Assembling the Bridge on Rpensky Proyezd in Vladimir

Construction will be completed by the fall of 2023

On August 22, in Vladimir, the first bridge span across the Rpennya River began to be assembled. The weight of the metal structure is 43 tons, its length – 34 meters, according to the telegram channel on the activities of the Acting Head of the region Alexander Avdeev.

The bridge is the most complex, expensive and labor-intensive part of the passage. In 2021, due to the rise in price of metal, it was difficult to purchase materials for the construction. We had to adjust the project. The metal for the structure was purchased back in winter, but the installation has begun only now. According to Alexander Avdeev, the metalware was purchased in Stary Oskol.

In the middle of July workers started asphalting separate sites of the future travel. At the same time it became known and about rescheduling of construction. Earlier it was supposed that the project will finish by April, 2023, now terms were shifted on autumn. Thus workers have planned to carry out concrete works for the winter that has not been foreseen earlier in the project.

Let us remind you that the length of Rpenskiy passage will make 2.1 kilometers. Traffic in each direction will be carried out in two lanes. Sidewalks and bicycle paths will be made along the edges of the roadway. The length of the bridge will be about 200 meters and its width will be almost 25 meters. There will be two bus stops, 10 exits, two crossings and a railway crossing, as well as four traffic lights.

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