In the Vladimir Region Extinguished the Peat Bog Near the Village Panfilovo

Local EMERCOM officers and additional forces from the capital and the Moscow region were involved in extinguishing the fire.

On August 21 a peat fire near the village of Panfilovo in the Gus-Khrustalny district was extinguished in the Vladimir region. The fire was located on the territory of Fasko+, a private enterprise producing mineral fertilizers. According to the Ministry of Emergencies, the burning area was four hectares.

The fire of peat bog became known on August 17. The fire was extinguished by Vladimir employees of the Emergencies Ministry. The next day the team was reinforced by the forces from Moscow and Moscow Region. As a result, the peat was extinguished by 176 people and 68 vehicles. Head of Emergencies Ministry of Russia Alexander Kurenkov also visited the region.

In the region there is still a high class of fire danger in the forests due to dry and abnormally hot weather. Emerging flashpoints are promptly monitored and eliminated on the day of detection by the forestry forces of the region.

During the previous day 276 people were involved in the patrolling and they held 3,267 preventive conversations. Also, regional authorities at this stage prohibited residents to go into the woods.

“In order to limit the visit of citizens to forests in the territory of the region, a system of checkpoints at the entrance to the forest areas was organized, installed 173 hangars and 214 barriers,” – reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In the municipalities there was increased work on suppression of violations of fire safety requirements. During the last day 18 protocols on administrative violations were drawn up and nine administrative investigations were initiated.

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