Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev Earned 5.3 Million Rubles for the Year

The family of the Acting Governor owns two houses, two apartments and three plots of land

After the deputies of the regional Legislative Assembly and members of the Vladimir city council, the heads of the regional administration submitted their declarations. Alexander Avdeev, the acting governor of the region, showed the highest income among the region’s civil servants. He earned Br5.3 million during the year. Avdeev’s wife declared another Br10.3 thousand to the family budget.

The property of the Acting Governor is a house of 15 m², shared ownership – two apartments of 48 m² and 60 m². Also in the declaration for 2021, Alexander Avdeev for the first time indicated a land plot of 286 m². Apparently, we are talking about the land purchased in the Vladimir region, about which the Acting Governor told during one of the direct lines.

Alexander Avdeev’s wife owns a residential house of 185.1 m², as well as two land plots of 1,085 m² and 1,777 m². Several more plots of land are in the lease. Alexander Avdeev declared a Niva Chevrolet and his wife a Volkswagen Golf Plus.

Alexander Avdeev developed his love for domestic cars after he joined the State Duma in 2014. Then he declared the ownership of the car “VAZ 2106”. Previously, while working as head of the Obninsk administration, Avdeev drove a Chevrolet Captiva.

Compared with 2020, the income of the Acting Governor slightly decreased. Previously, Alexander Avdeev in the declaration of a deputy of the State Duma indicated an income of 5.6 million rubles.

The opposite dynamics is observed in the income of ex-governor Vladimir Sipyagin. As head of the region in the heavy coronavirus 2020, he earned 10 million rubles, and in 2021 – 4.7 million.

Officially, the resignation of Vladimir Sipyagin became known at the end of September 2021, and in early October, the people of Vladimir were introduced to the new acting governor. So, to a large extent, the declaration of deputy Sipyagin reflects his gubernatorial income, and the declaration of Acting Governor Avdeev – his deputy income.

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