Vladimir Region Administration Expects Illness Rate Under Two Thousand People a Day and Partially Return the Mask Regime

So far the situation is not serious, but the ambulance is already working with an increased load

Regional health experts state the beginning of another wave of coronavirus in Russia and in the Vladimir region, and also expect an increase in morbidity to the level of the previous wave, at the peak of which 2375 new patients were found in the region in a day.

The current strain of the virus, along with high contagiousness, combines a relative ease of progression in most cases. About this at the weekly meeting in the regional administration said the Acting Vice-Governor Konstantin Baranov:

“Due to the fact that the virus is highly contagious, we expect about the same number of cases as in the last wave of the pandemic. At the same time we expect that there will be few “severe” patients requiring intensive care.

As before previous waves of the coronavirus, authorities say the regional health care system is ready to withstand the blow of the pandemic.

“Nevertheless, we are also prepared for an unfavorable forecast. The region has the necessary amount of medicines, including expensive ones, and protective equipment”, – said Konstantin Baranov.

At the same time, the regional health authorities note that now the highest load in connection with the rise of morbidity is observed in the primary and emergency care units.

So far, the official statistics gives relatively modest morbidity figures with a rather rapid deterioration dynamics. So, as of August 23, 161 patients were detected in the region. This is 15 times less than at the morbidity peak in February 2022, but only a month ago the morbidity in the region was only about 20 new cases a day.

There are 161 COVID-19 beds in the region, whereas at the peak of the disease in late October 2021, the region had over two thousand beds.

According to the portal “Stopcoronavirus.rf”, the collective immunity in our region is 2.7% with a target of 80%. In this state of affairs only wide use of personal protective equipment and a large-scale vaccination campaign will be able to curb the infection. So far, the authorities have introduced a mask mode only in health care and social protection institutions, and the vaccination campaign is much more modest than the spring pace.

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