Activist From Alexandrov Failed to Appeal the Fine for the Action Against QR-Codes

Last December he was fined 20 thousand rubles

The Vladimir Regional Court considered the appeal of activist Yuri Sayenko from Alexandrov. In December, the local city court fined him 20 thousand rubles for holding a public action without filing the proper notification.

It will be recalled that on November 21 residents of Aleksandrov went out in the street and protested against the introduction of mandatory QR codes and wrote an appeal to the president. On the eve of the action the organizers were warned and also were given preventive talks. Immediately after the “group picket” the police drew up two reports.

Sayenko appealed the above-mentioned ruling, pointing out that the event of administrative violation in the form of organization of a “group picket”, which was imputed to him, did not exist.

“Contrary to the arguments of the complaint, Sayenko was not charged with organization of a group picket, his actions consisted in holding a public event in the form of a group picket without filing a notice of such event in the prescribed manner”, – according to the court website.

The regional court left the ruling on the case unchanged, because the actions of the offender were qualified correctly and he was given the minimum punishment provided by the sanction of the article.

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