Vladimir Region Covered With the Smoke of Ryazan Forest Fires

It is forbidden to go into the forest

On August 24, Vladimir region was blanketed with smoke. In some areas, residents felt the acrid smell. The Department of Forestry assures that all this is a consequence of fires in the Ryazan region. In the region-33 the situation remains manageable, although the burning area is growing.

Today at the White House there was an operative briefing on the situation with fires. Departments of Regional Administration and EMERCOM constantly hold meetings with their Ryazan colleagues. There is no need in the water emergency regime yet.

“The situation today is complicated, but manageable and controllable. The area of fires is growing. The bedding is very dry and the fire is spreading very quickly, given such a strong wind load. According to the cameras, we are now seeing the strongest smoke in the Petushinsky district. We have reason to believe that all smoke comes from fires in Ryazan region”, – said Evgeny Malyshev, director of the Forestry Department of the region.

In 2022 on the territory of the region recorded 145 seats of fire with a total area of more than 141 hectares. Within a day there were eight forest fires on the area of about 15 hectares. At the moment, according to the information of the department of forestry, two fires with the area of 1,2 hectares are still active.
Now in fire fighting 247 people and 200 units of equipment are involved. Reserve of 93 employees and 100 special vehicles has been formed.

“At the request of the head of the region Alexander Avdeev a group of forces and means – 160 people and 73 units of equipment arrived from the Moscow region. In case of deterioration of the situation, they are ready to go to the place and begin the work. They are now in the Petushinsky, Selivanovsky and Gus-Khrustalny districts”, – said Evgeny Malyshev.

There are 147 patrols in the forests. Twice a day there are airborne patrol groups with the airborne supervision. However, they failed to take to the air this morning – it was too smoky. All 50 surveillance cameras installed in the forests work properly.

The head of the department once again appealed to residents not to visit the woods. There is practically no moisture in them – from cigarettes, fire, even from the passage of machinery, everything can burst into flames with lightning speed.

“Our group of EMERCOM together with the Vladimir Forestry Department in case the fire approaches the border of the Vladimir region is ready to arrive promptly in the Ryazan region to prevent the transition of the fire to the Vladimir region,” said Yuri Arbuzov, deputy head of the main department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Vladimir region.

On August 13 a special fire protection regime was introduced in the Vladimir region. Open fires are prohibited even on their own dacha plots. Yuri Arbuzov explains that residents still violate the ban: barbecue grills, burning trash in barrels and on the plots. Such violators are fined.
Currently there are five criminal cases on infliction of damage to the forestry for the sum of 3.7 million rubles.

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