An Exhibition about Disappeared Children Starts in Vladimir’s Central Park

It is initiated by the Liza Alert search and rescue team

In the Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Vladimir, next to the main fountain, an exhibition-installation “Shadows” will open on May 25. It is dedicated to the International Day of Missing Children and tells about those minors who have not yet been found.

According to the organizers of the exhibition, the volunteers of the search and rescue team “Liza Alert”, the purpose of the event is to attract people’s attention to the terrible problem of disappearances of children. Since the beginning of 2022 volunteers all over Russia received more than three thousand applications to search for children. 2,831 children have been found alive. The search continues for the rest.

Also in the next few days, the people of Vladimir will see informational videos on the city screens about how children go missing. 14 banners dedicated to the safety of not only children, but also adults, will be placed at public transport stops.

“And please be caring at all times! Your attention can save someone’s life, if you at the right moment will not pass by a person on the squad orientation, on the street pay attention to a kid who may need help, do not hesitate to report him to the police and, of course, explain to your own children how important it is to follow the basic rules of security to avoid getting in trouble, “- reported in the group of Vladimir squad “Liza Alert” in the social networks.

Exhibition-installation “Shadows” will work in Central Park of Vladimir until June 1, the Day of Protection of Children.

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