Vladimir Teachers Can Face Responsibility for Gifts over $45

They are allowed to accept flowers, candy, books, and vases worth no more than three thousand rubles

On the eve of the end of the school year and the start of the Unified State Exam, Vladimir’s Mayor’s Office, with reference to the prosecutor’s office, published explanations regarding gifts to teachers. It is reported that according to Article 575 of the RF Civil Code, employees of educational organizations are prohibited from receiving gifts from students and their relatives, with the exception of ordinary gifts, the value of which does not exceed three thousand rubles.

If the gifts presented by students or their parents are worth more than three thousand rubles, it calls into question the objectivity of the teacher’s decisions. That is why it is recommended to keep the document confirming the cost.

Also, the Mayor’s office website explains what should be understood by ordinary gifts. These can be flowers, candy, tea or coffee, stationery, books and vases.

Additional restrictions related to gifts for teachers, as well as the procedure for receiving them may be spelled out in the local acts of educational organizations. If a teacher has doubts about the value and type of the presentation, he/she has the right to refuse it – at any time before the transfer.

Teachers who violate restrictions on receiving gifts can face disciplinary responsibility – a reprimand, a reprimand, or even dismissal. It follows from Articles 22, 81 and 192 of the Labor Code. Teachers are also reminded of the criminal responsibility for taking bribes – if there is an offense under Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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