In the Vladimir Region Only 5% Of Families Can Be Classified as Middle Class or Higher

94% of residents cannot afford a car, a spacious apartment and a comfortable mode of consumption at the same time

According to Rosstat, only 5.4% of families in the Vladimir region in 2021 and 2022 have sufficient income to buy a car, an apartment corresponding to the family size, as well as a quality annual vacation and monthly expenses in the amount of two subsistence minimums. Nineteen of every 20 residents in the region live poorer.

According to RIA Rating, our region takes the 68th line of the national rating according to this indicator, leaving behind only the Ivanovo region with 3.9% of the middle class in its geographical neighbors.

The leaders of the rating are the oil regions of Yamal (46.6% of the middle class) and Magadan (37%). Moscow also has a fairly high percentage of those who can afford a comfortable life of European standards – there are 24.4% of them in the capital. The worst situation is in the regions of the North Caucasus. In Ingushetia, only 1.6% of residents can identify themselves as belonging to the middle class.

According to sample surveys of households conducted by Vladimirstat, sanctions and the pandemic have mainly worsened the situation of families who previously belonged to the “middle income”. The poorest residents of the region receive various benefits and thus do not fall into poverty, while families with low but reasonable incomes have had to significantly revise their usual consumption patterns: they have had to give up buying a car, reduce consumption of meat and fish, and go to cafes and restaurants less often.

Low salaries for skilled professionals in the region also contribute to the decline in the share of the middle class. So, according to Rosstat, in the regional center, the highest paid area was “Professional and scientific activities”. According to OKVED, it includes the provision of commercial services, consulting (excluding real estate agents), auditing, as well as activities requiring high professional knowledge. In Vladimir such specialists receive on average 64,000 rubles a month. For comparison, in Moscow the average salary in this area is 153 thousand rubles. The field itself is in third place in terms of profitability, behind financial services (210 thousand rubles) and the IT-sphere.

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