The Deadline for Completion of Rpensky Proezd Road Is Pushed to Autumn 2023

On July 22, the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev inspected the progress of work on Rpensky proezd in Vladimir. Just on Friday, another girder was brought to the construction site for the installation of the bridge spans. Work on the most complex part of the road is slightly ahead of schedule. The head of the region was assured that there is no lack of resources.

“Now the contractors on the bridge have a week ahead on the work, we need to do another month. It is possible. There is both equipment and workers at the site. Last winter there was a backlog of work due to problems with suppliers of metal structures. Now everything is being purchased in Stary Oskol. 20% has already been brought to the site”, – said the head of the region Alexander Avdeev.

Alexei Nemkov, the general director of DSU-3, the main contractor, explained that a huge front of the annual work is no longer visible – it is under the ground. At a depth of 30 meters hundreds of piles were driven to strengthen the structure of the bridge, the pillars were mounted. The builders are still working on the installation of the cross-beams and piles. Piling continues on the sections adjacent to the bridge with the help of a boring machine. Due to the shifting subsoil at the construction site, the entire base of the future city highway will be strengthened with bored piles.

The metal constructions should be received in August. DSU-3″ plans to install them by the end of October. But Alexander Avdeev convinced the main contractor to speed up the pace of work. The goal is to complete the road in September 2023. Initially, the project completion date was set for April 2023, but due to downtime at the construction site, the date was pushed back.

“We didn’t schedule the concrete work for winter time. But we understood the task, we will. We’re at the point of adequate funding. If we do 804 million rubles worth of work this year, it will be good. Next year we will have to do the work for 1.09 billion rubles,” said the director of DSU-3 Alexei Nemkov.

Now the estimates of Rpensky driveway are recalculated for the second time. The first one with the growth of 11% has already been approved in the federal agencies, now there is another one with the growth of 20%. Alexei Nemkov explained that the total cost of the work will be 2.5 billion rubles. The contract had specified an amount of 2.07 billion.

“I believe that we can accelerate the work on other phases of Rpensky driveway. Hurry up to pave the body of the road. Now machinery and quarries with M-12 will be released – the section from Petushki to Barak will be delivered this fall. Today just held a meeting on M-12. We will discuss these issues, “- said the head of the region Alexander Avdeev.

Excavation works are carried out on the descent from Krasnoselsky proezd. The technique buries a huge ravine. A lot of ground and sand is needed.

In the regional Department of transport and road economy report that now on the construction site carry over communications. Three sections of heating networks have been rebuilt. Another pipeline of the Teplichny plant has to be laid. All the equipment has been already delivered, it is being installed.

The length of Rpenskiy passage will be 2,1 kilometers. Traffic in each direction will be carried out in two lanes. Sidewalks and bicycle paths will be made along the edges of the roadway. The bridge is the most expensive and time-consuming phase of the work. Its length will be about 200 meters and width is almost 25 meters. There will be two bus stops (with the creation of the conditions of accessibility for people with low mobility), 10 exits, two crossings and one railway crossing, as well as four traffic light facilities.
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