In Seven Months 1,640 Residents of Vladimir Became Victims of Fraudsters

Every week, citizens give several million rubles to swindlers

From January to July 2022, residents of the Vladimir region became victims of wire fraud 1,640 times. In almost all cases, the scammers persuaded their victims to voluntarily transfer funds to them. At the beginning of this year the regional police managed to solve only one of seven such crimes. In most cases it is hard to get the lost money back – scammers may be beyond the reach of Russian law enforcement officers.

Fraud committed the old-fashioned way – by contact method – in our region is much less. Over the same seven months of 2022 the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs recorded 89 such cases. Basically scam artists presented themselves as employees of services and under this pretext communicated with citizens.

The police specify that the victims of fraudsters are both elderly and young people. The damage weekly reaches several million rubles. During the week in mid-August Vladimir citizens voluntarily transferred to the accounts of criminals more than 10 million rubles. Thus, on August 17 in Murom, a 69-year-old woman transferred a million rubles under the pretext of suspending a dubious operation. August 16, 50-year-old resident of Vladimir was caught on the same “fishing rod” and gave 970 thousand rubles to “protect their savings.

In the regional police recommended to adhere to the following algorithm when receiving calls from the bank about the funds on the card: stop talking and call back to the bank number indicated on the card. It is important to remember that bank employees have no right to demand the card data, and you should not tell it to anyone.

A widespread form of fraud is the phone calls to elderly people supposedly from their relatives who are in trouble and need money. Scammers tell them about some kind of accident or the need to urgently pay for an operation. In all such cases, you should hang up and call back to the numbers of relatives. The Ministry of Internal Affairs strongly recommends explaining to elderly people the likelihood of such fraudulent calls and the algorithm of actions in advance.

In the event that the fraud still occurred, it is necessary to contact the police as soon as possible. The probability of solving the crime directly depends on how quickly the Ministry of Internal Affairs receives information about it.

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