Since the Beginning of the Year, the Minimum Set of Products in the Vladimir Region Has Gone up by 15%

This coincides with the maximum index in the Central Federal District and is much higher than the national index.

In the first three months of 2022, the cost of a minimum set of products in the Vladimir region increased by 14.99%. Of these, the growth of 10.7% accounts exclusively for March, according to Rosstat data.

At the end of March the cost of minimum food basket in our region amounted to 5901 rubles, while at the beginning of the year – 5052 rubles, and in February – 5330 rubles. The rise in prices for the minimum food set has been observed since September 2020. At that time the set cost only 4176 rubles, having risen by 29% since then.

Vladimir region is in 11th place in Russia by the growth of prices for staple foods. Ingushetia (18.5% growth YTD), Chechnya (17.1%) and Dagestan (16.8%) were the leaders in the inflation rate of the minimum basket. Of the Central Federal District regions, our neighboring Nizhny Novgorod Oblast was also in the top ten most affected by inflation, with a 15.06% increase in prices for the minimum set.

Price growth below the threshold of 10% is observed in 10 regions of Siberia and the Far East. In these regions the cost of the set is the highest in Russia. For example, in Chukotka you have to pay 13 thousand rubles for basic products.

Rosstat includes bread, pasta, rice and other cereals, potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, other vegetables, fruits, sugar, candy, cookies, meat of different kinds, “fresh fish” (not specified), herring, milk, kefir, butter, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, margarine, salt, tea and spices in the minimum set of products. These foods are calculated from the level of minimum healthy consumption per person per year. The figure is then calculated on a monthly basis.

In terms of a day, this is just over half a loaf of bread, 285 grams of potatoes, one tomato, carrot and onion each, 3/4 of an apple or banana, half an egg, 160 grams of meat and 50 grams of fish, 65 grams of sugar. The Rosstat meal minimum set is far from modern notions of a healthy diet. From the cost of the minimum set of products the cost of living minimum is calculated.

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