Vladimir Governor Allowed to Be Re-Elected Without Limits

During the voting, one deputy's hands shook, while another mixed up the buttons "due to bad eyesight"

In the Vladimir oblast, amendments to the regional charter were passed which abolished the term limit for the governor’s office and gave the head of the region the power to dismiss heads of local government. However, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, local self-governance bodies are still formally separated from state power and are not subordinated to it.

The bill repeats a corresponding initiative expressed at the federal level. In the regional Legislative Assembly, it was brought up for discussion by representatives of United Russia: Speaker Vladimir Kiselev, as well as deputies Vyacheslav Kartukhin and Roman Kavinov.

The question was introduced three times, but the voting was held twice. In the first run, the deputies failed to gather the necessary two-thirds of the votes “for” changes to the charter. The voting “against” the deputies of the LDPR was fundamental. The CPRF did not support the bill; independent lawmaker Sergei Kazakov spoke against it as well.

Supporters of the bill spoke about the need to consolidate, opponents spoke about the reduction of the role of the legislature and self-government with the adoption of the draft.

After a break in the session, deputy Ivan Altukhov, who has never publicly worn glasses, asked to re-vote the bill, since he had “bad eyesight” and had pressed the wrong button. A majority of deputies spoke in favor of a re-vote, and then the bill received more than two-thirds of the votes (26 in favor and nine against).

The CPRF did not like what happened. Emotionally, deputy Anton Sidorko, head of the Communist Party Central Committee, asked for a new vote, alleging that his hands were shaking and he had accidentally pressed the wrong button. Speaker Vladimir Kiselev interrogated and put the question on the ballot for a third time. The deputies did not get enough votes for another re-vote.

Thus, the positive decision on the “governor’s nullification” turned out to be adopted.
The deprivation of independence of municipality heads and their actual subordination to the governor can be considered the final chord of the current administrative reform, which is building a monolith of vertical power from the president all the way down to the village headman.

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