An Official From Karabanovo, Who Sold a Municipal Apartment, Was Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

The punishment was deferred until the convict's child reached the age of 14

Aleksandrovsky city court found the former head of the department of property and land relations of Karabanovo guilty of embezzlement on a large scale, according to the website of the court.

As it was found during the trial, in 2020, using her official position, the 38-year-old woman had formalized a municipal apartment into the ownership of one of her acquaintances. Then the apartment was sold for 500 thousand rubles, and the money from the transaction ended up at the disposal of the official. As the prosecution found, the official and her friend took a cheap price with the sale of the apartment. The defendant caused damage to the municipality of Karabanovo in the amount of more than one million rubles.

As mitigating circumstances, the court took into account that the woman committed the crime for the first time, she had not previously been brought to administrative responsibility. Attorneys have provided positive characteristics of the defendant, the defendant herself has committed an admission of guilt and contributed to the disclosure of the crime. In addition, the woman voluntarily repaid the damage.

As a result, defendant was sentenced to three years imprisonment and a fine of 100 thousand rubles. After serving her sentence, the woman will be forbidden to work in local government for two years. The court considered it possible to defer the actual serving of the sentence until the convicted child reaches the age of fourteen. The verdict has not entered into legal force.

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