In Vladimir Region, the Ribbon Is Cut on a New Labor Camp for Convicts

Male prisoners are promised "decent wages"

In the Vladimir region a correctional center in the village of Urshelsky in the Gus-Khrustal district was inaugurated. The new facility of the Federal Penitentiary Service is designed for one hundred men, who will serve their sentences in the form of forced labor. The official name of the labor camp is the isolation ward. The facility in Urshelsky became the fifth center of this type in the region. Here the prisoners will be offered to work at a plant for the production of glassware.

“The General Director of LLC “Red Echo” Dmitry Clegg on the basis of his production is ready to provide them with work and decent wages”, – promise in the department.

Part of the “decent wages” of the prisoners under the terms of imprisonment will be retained in the income of the state. In addition to cash bonuses, the company promises a healthy work environment:

“We appreciate in people the desire to constantly learn something new, to look at working processes in a new way, to improve them. Being guided by the principles and values of Krasnoye Echo corporate culture we strive to create all conditions to serve the interests of our employees so that every employee from an apprentice to a mentor feels part of a large and united team,” the company’s website says.

Premises of the new center for work activities were inspected by the officials from FSIN – the acting head of the territorial body Alexey Mishanov and head of the department for control over the execution of non-custodial punishments of the Federal Penitentiary Service Tatiana Lisina. They also cut the ribbons at the entrance to the facility for the detention of prisoners.

Conditions for the detainees in the press service of the agency called “comfortable accommodation”. Future recipients of “decent wages” will live in barracks-type accommodation and sleep on bunk beds. Prisoners will have one chair and a nightstand at their disposal. There will be a table and a closet for several people. Unlike the classic colony, here you can legally use a cell phone and have money with you.

At the end of March 2022, a similar isolation ward for one hundred men in the Vladimir region was opened in the village of Ilkino in the Melenkovo district. Here in the “comfortable conditions” prisoners will also be able to spend from two months to five years as an alternative to incarceration. At the end of one-third of their sentence, the inmates will be able to settle outside the center with their families while continuing to work at the enterprise.

Another similar facility of the Federal Penitentiary Service for a hundred female inmates appeared in Suzdal in July 2022. Arkady Gostev, head of the Federal Penitentiary Service, came to its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Convicts here will work in the tourism sector, in particular, in the position of unskilled laborers. They will have to clean the premises, wash dishes and do laundry. The average salary of such workers is 30 thousand rubles.

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