The Speaker of the Vladimir Parliament Proposed to Introduce Restrictions on the Creation of Public Groups in Social Networks

According to the speaker of the Vladimir Legislative Assembly, only individual entrepreneurs and the self-employed should have this right.

Vladimir Kiselev, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region, spoke in favor of granting only individual entrepreneurs and self-employed people the right to create public groups in social networks. The corresponding proposal was made during the meeting of the Legislative Council Commission on Information Policy, Information Technology and Investment.

“A serious threat today are information resources that do not fall under the law on the media. These are public groups, communities and channels in social networks and messengers, various portals and other platforms created by citizens to spread fake information on the Internet”, “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” quoted Vladimir Kiselev.

According to the speaker of the regional Duma, users of social networks should be identified, and groups with “fake information” should be removed. According to Kiselev, specialized committees of the State Duma, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Statistics may study these issues.

Vladimir Kiselev also proposes to combat the issuance of SIM-cards on someone else’s passport data. This can be done by creating a technical possibility to receive through State Services an extract with information on the contracts, concluded in the name of the user by a cellular service operator.

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