People’s Vigilantes and City Hall Officials Fought Drunkenness at Night in Vladimir

The police called the action "Night City"

On the night of July 27, police officers, people’s vigilantes, as well as representatives of the regional center administration went on a preventive raid “Night City” to find and punish citizens who have committed administrative offenses, appearing drunk in public places or violating the rules of smoking.

According to the regional MIA, in one case a store employee sold alcohol to a 16-year-old boy without asking either his age or his passport. In another outlet, alcohol was sold at night in violation of the rules.

Seven citizens of Vladimir got reports for drinking alcohol on the street, while two more reports were drawn up on the citizens for public appearances in a state of intoxication. Another eleven citizens had reports drawn up for smoking in a wrong place.

Simultaneously, traffic police officers checked 58 citizens and 34 vehicles. 27 drivers received reports for various administrative offenses, in four cases, the drivers were found in a state of intoxication. In the press-service of regional police note that similar raids will proceed.

Two weeks before the raid in Vladimir’s “VKontakte” there was a video taken on the phone from the car on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street. It showed about a dozen people struggling to move around the city, leaving or crawling out of cafes, pubs and night stores. Two men tried to fight, but because of their heavy intoxication they did not succeed. The video got a lot of views and received a lot of comments.

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