Dobrograd Received the Status of an Independent Municipality of the Vladimir Region

The majority of those who voted in favor of withdrawal from Novoselskoye Rural Settlement

On February 27 in Kovrovskiy district a vote was held on the issue of transformation of Novoselskiy Rural Settlement by means of its division into Novoselskiy Rural Settlement and Dobrograd Urban Settlement.

The ballot question read as follows: “Do you agree to the transformation of the municipal entity Novoselskoye rural settlement of Kovrov district, Vladimir region by dividing it into two municipalities: Novoselskoye rural settlement of Kovrov district, Vladimir region (with modified boundaries) and the urban settlement settlement of Dobrograd settlement of Kovrov municipal district, including the settlement of Dobrograd?”

According to preliminary data, 91.23% of the respondents answered “yes” to the question, only 161 participants (8.26%) were against it. A total of 1,949 people or 56.72% of the municipality residents came to the polling stations.

Recall that Russia’s first private town began to be built in Kovrov district of Vladimir region just 10 years ago. Then it was called Goodwill. But in the era of Svetlana Orlova the name was changed to Dobrograd. At that time, the private town was part of the village of Gorozhenovo in the municipality of Novoselskoye.

In 2019, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly voted to separate the microdistrict Dobrograd and gave it the status of a village in the Vladimir region. All this was done so that Dobrograd could apply for the creation of a special economic zone, which eventually happened.

At the end of last year, it became known that the private town, together with the regional administration, had applied to the Russian government for an infrastructure loan. Moscow considered it possible to allocate 3.9 billion rubles to the special economic zone. But to this amount Dobrograd must also add private investment.

To make the federal money work, a referendum was required – this was the only way for Dobrograd to turn from a settlement into a town with its own municipal budget, independent of other territories, which will soon receive funds from the federal treasury, in accordance with the federal law.

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