In Vyazniki They Will Consider the Case of a Student of Vladimir State University Who Posted on Social Networks About the Bombing of an Academic Building

She is accused of knowingly giving false information about an imminent explosion

The criminal case against a second-year student of Vladimir State University was transferred to Vyazniki City Court. Ekaterina Ivanova is accused under the article “knowingly false report of an act of terrorism, committed against the objects of social infrastructure” (part 2 of article 207. (part 2 of Article 207). She faces a penalty of a fine of 500 to 700 thousand rubles, or imprisonment of three to five years.

ProVladimir told in detail about this case. On October 9, 2021, she posted a post on a popular social network (now banned in Russia), where she said that she was going to blow up the third building of Vol State University. She then apologized for what happened, calling the prank an attempt to conduct a journalistic investigation into the work of the FSB. The press release of the court said that Ekaterina had “hooligan motives”. The criminal case is referred to judge Irina Vozzhannikova.

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